Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bonus Post: Douglas Amdahl’s Prayer

Douglas Amdahl was Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court when I was appointed a District Court Judge.  I think I only met him on one or two occasions, though I was privileged to preside at his Masonic Memorial Service on August 21, 2011.  His “Judge’s Prayer” is famous, and posted in many judicial chambers around the State.  I offer it here as an “extra”, as it was an inspiration to me to write A Judge’s Courtroom Blessing:
A Prayer

I pray that today I will have the knowledge to discover and the wisdom to clarify, the legal issues;

The ability to see, and the unbiased mind to recognize, the true facts;

The heart to know, and the gentleness to understand, the human problems;

And the patience and logic to reach, and the courage to declare, the just decision.

All these things, Lord, I ask that at the close of this day my conscience may truly say, 

“Today, you were worthy to be called ‘judge’.”